Inter­na­tio­nal Con­fe­rence: Stop the Third World War

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The clash bet­ween Rus­sia and Ukrai­ne, due to the direct invol­vement of NATO, threa­tens to unleash a third world war. The Euro-Atlan­tist eli­tes jus­ti­fy their direct sup­port for the pup­pet regime in Kiev as »neces­sa­ry to repel Rus­si­an aggression«.

Actual­ly, the real aggres­sor is the US-NATO-EU coali­ti­on, which took advan­ta­ge of the Soviet Union’s dis­so­lu­ti­on to eco­no­mic­al­ly and poli­ti­cal­ly sub­due all of Eas­tern Euro­pe in order to encir­cle and defeat Rus­sia. The final step in this stra­tegy would be the defi­ni­ti­ve annexa­ti­on of Ukrai­ne to NATO and the Euro­pean Uni­on, and thus a regime chan­ge in Moscow.

Only the foo­lish and for­getful can belie­ve that the blo­cka­de led by the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca has trig­ge­red this war to defend the prin­ci­ples of democra­cy and self-deter­mi­na­ti­on of peo­p­les. The truth is that this blo­cka­de, after sup­port­ing the Euro­maidan coup, finan­ced and armed the Ukrai­ni­an army and neo-Nazi groups to hurl them against the Donbass repu­blics and Rus­sia its­elf. The truth is that the US-NATO-EU bloc uses the Ukrai­ni­an peo­p­leas can­non fod­der to estab­lish its supre­ma­cy thus pre­ven­ting a mul­ti­po­lar order based on respect for the peo­p­les and the sove­reig­n­ty of nati­ons from coming into being. If this blo­cka­de suc­ceeds in subduing Rus­sia, the doors will be wide open to war against Chi­na.

Pre­ven­ting the third world war is the first duty of all tho­se who have the good of huma­ni­ty at heart. It is the­r­e­fo­re necessary to build a gre­at and strong inter­na­tio­nal coalition for peace and brot­her­hood among nati­ons. Such an alli­ance must be able to set in moti­on the dif­fe­rent souls fight­ing against mili­ta­rism and imperi­a­lism in all their forms.

To start this pro­cess, we invi­te you to join the European Peace Con­fe­rence that will take place in Rome on 27 and 28 Octo­ber 2023.

As signa­to­ries of this Appeal we ask for:

the imme­dia­te halt of arms ship­ments to Ukrai­ne;
an end to the sanc­tions on Rus­sia as well as the Rus­so­pho­bic cam­paign;
the inva­li­da­ti­on of the state­ment con­dem­ning Rus­sia as a ter­ro­rist sta­te;
an armi­sti­ce bet­ween the bel­li­ger­ent forces;
a tru­ly neu­tral and demo­cra­tic Ukrai­ne;
● the stop to the arms race and the dis­so­lu­ti­on of NATO.

Final­ly, we call upon the peo­p­les to fight against all forms of impe­ria­lism, and natio­na­list chau­vi­nism and we advo­ca­te the advent of a mul­ti­po­lar world based on respect for every peo­p­le and all nationalities.


Divi­ded We are not­hing, united we can do everything

First signa­to­ries:

Borot­ba (Ukrai­ne) Uni­fied Com­mu­nist Par­ty of Rus­sia Socia­list Move­ment of Geor­gia (Georgia) Stop Kil­ling Don­bass (Euro­pe) Socia­lis­mo XXI (Spain) PAR­DEM (France) Selbst­be­stimm­tes Öster­reich (Aus­tria) Freie Lin­ke (Aus­tria) Anti­im­pe­ria­lis­ti­sche Koor­di­na­ti­on (Aus­tria) Freie Lin­ke Zukunft (Ger­ma­ny) Fron­te del Dis­sen­so (Ita­ly) Comi­ta­to No Guer­ra No NATO (Ita­ly) Ita­lia Unita (Ita­ly) Anco­ra Ita­lia per la Sov­ra­ni­tà Demo­cra­ti­ca (Ita­ly) 3V (Ita­ly) MMT (Ita­ly) Libe­ria­mo l’Italia (Ita­ly)

Fur­ther signa­to­ries (list is open and will con­ti­nu­al­ly be updated):

Frie­dens­brü­cke-Kriegs­op­fer­hil­fe e.V (Ger­ma­ny) Ost­deut­sches Kura­to­ri­um von Ver­bän­den (Ger­ma­ny) Frie­dens­glo­cken­ge­sell­schaft Ber­lin e.V. (Ger­ma­ny) die­Ba­sis Thü­rin­gen (Ger­ma­ny) Hand­wer­ker für den Frie­den (Ger­ma­ny) PCU­SA – Par­ty of Com­mu­nists USA Freie Lin­ke Anar­chis­ten (Ger­ma­ny) Revo­lu­tio­nä­rer Freund­schafts­bund (RFB) e.V. (Ger­ma­ny) Par­ti­to dei CARC (Ita­ly) Socia­list Move­ment of Kazakh­stan US Fri­ends of the Soviet Peo­p­le (USFSP) ► Liga Comu­nis­ta (Bra­zil) Plat­form of Inde­pen­dence (Greece) Part­ido Comu­nis­ta do Povo Bra­silei­ro (Bra­zil) 23 Sep­tem­ber (Bul­ga­ria) Neue Rich­tung (Ger­ma­ny) Liga Socia­lis­ta (Bra­zil) Con­sis­tent Demo­crats (Gre­at Bri­tain) Class Con­scious (Aus­tra­lia) Bols­he­vik Mili­tant Ten­den­cy (Argen­ti­na)  Uni­fied Com­mu­nist Par­ty of Geor­gia ► Socia­list Unity Par­ty (USA) ► All-Uni­on Com­mu­nist Par­ty of Bols­he­viks vkpb​.ru (for­mer Soviet repu­blics) ► Uni­on of Poli­ti­cal Emi­grants and Poli­ti­cal Pri­soners of Ukrai­ne ► Zim­bab­we Move­ment for Pan Afri­can Socia­lists Com­mu­nist Par­ty of Kenya ► Mothers Against War Ber­lin-Bran­den­burg (Ger­ma­ny)

If your par­ty or orga­niza­ti­on is inte­res­ted in atten­ding the con­fe­rence, plea­se wri­te to: freie-​linke-​zukunft@​netzwerk-​linker-​widerstand.​ru and aik@​antiimperialista.​org

Con­fe­rence Call as PDF: Eng­lish, Ita­li­an, Spa­nish, Ger­man

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